Suave Motim

por Manuel Marques Pinto de Rezende em sábado, 25 de julho de 2009

ouvir aqui.
[Well, where are you coming from?]

Well, I don't like the way the country's ran,
don't you know, and um,that's pretty much
what i was expressing in my poem.

The government, the American government,
they're sneaky, they're very deceitful,
they're liars, they're cheats, they're ripoffs.

I mean, the American government is one
systematic government that, that nobody
can trust. I don't trust them myself.

[And how long have you been writing for?]


[How long have you been writing for?]

Since I was four.

[Do you do this sort of thing a lot,
Like, open mic kinda questions?]

Oh I love open mics, I love coming
here doing open mics, absolutely.

[What kind of reactions do you usually get?]

Usually, people are, are pretty much
in agreement with what I'm saying.

[We overheard you before talking about
You went to court today for a speeding ticket?]

That's accurate.

[Right. Do you wanna tell us that story?]

Yes, absolutely, I wouldn't mind telling you the story.
Um, I went to court today for a speeding ticket,
and I told the judge, um,

"Let me tell you something, and you listen
and you listen good. I'm only gonna say this
one time and one time only.
I don't repeat

myself for nobody," I said.
I says,

"I'm here to pay a speeding ticket, not to listen
to your lectures and hear you run your mouth
for an hour." I says,
"I'm here to pay off my speeding ticket, and I'm
here to get my fines out of the way and get the
fuck to work."

The judge says, "You can't talk like
that in my courtroom, you're in
contempt of court."

Then I said, I told the judge,
"If that's the best you can do, I feel sorry for you."
I said, "Why don't you just shut your fucking
mouth for once and listen."
I said, "I'm not gonna take any shit."
I said, "I'm gonna pay my speeding ticket like I said."
I walked up to the goddamn bench and I
handed him my 25 dollars and
I says, "Here's my money, now I am leaving."

And I left it at that...

Then before I left, I turned around
and told the judge,
"I'm here to

state who I am and be honest with you."

I said "If they thought I was dangerous
on the road like you're trying to
accuse me of, wouldn't they have
taken my license when I first got it?
Yes they would."

And the judge says "Yeah, you have a point,"
He goes, "You don't need to get loud.

I said, "Don't get loud?"
I says, "I've got every right
to get loud." I says, "You
can't do a goddamn thing
about it, because I'm expressing
myself in your court, and
there is nothing you can do
about it.
You think you're god because
you have a robe and you can
put people up the goddamn
river for 20 years? Well you're not."

And I left it at that...

[Did you walk away?]

Yes I did. I don't like the judicial system,
I don't like the government system,
I don't like the police, I don't like anything to do with this country's government.
I just don't like it,

because, they're sneaky, like I said, they're deceitful, they're lying,
they're cheats, they rip the people off. That's the American government for you. America is a third world country, and people don't recognise it, and i think
that that's pretty goddamn sad that
they don't recognise their own country
as a third world, third rate, third class slum.